Our professionals bring extensive experience working with financial systems and processes help clients manage their risks in processes that comes from rapid growth, changing regulatory requirements and organizational change.


In partnership with our clients, we liaison with the executive team, external auditors, HR leadership and general counsel:



As businesses grow and expand, the supporting human resources, financial operations should undergo systematic changes to expand reporting, transaction processing and manage cash flow requirements for profitable execution of long-range business plans.


Our professionals leverage their hands-on practical experience and in-depth knowledge of human resources, accounting, financial systems, operational reporting, and business management.


Building a business or developing a continual improvement program entails gathering objective information to assess whether the business plan and vision is resulting in customer value. 

Developing successful strategies and highly performing teams is driven from 360 degree feedback from both internal and external customers.  We provide the independent perspective, objective analyses and hands-on experience to deliver action plans based on survey results.


Mastering Performance Together

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Action plan

Reporting solutions:


Identify and develop key performance measures for monitoring business results and targeting incentive compensation

Design and implement monthly reporting packages

Streamline and expedite monthly and quarterly financial close processes

Develop compensation philosophy, strategy and prepare required annual proxy disclosures

Financial analysis of results to access acquisition cut-off and transaction effectiveness

Enhancement of internal resources and project management

Technical Research  and Plain English Documentation

Mentor and Develop In-House Resources

Assistance with Recording Complex Transactions

New standard Implementation Assistance

Example Reporting Services:

 Process Documentation

 Annual Proxy Statements

 Research and White Papers

 Employee Handbook Updates

 Policies and Procedures

 Annual Executive Letters

 Business Plans

 Financing Presentations

People – human competencies that manage risk and overhead through defined positions, performance-based compensation programs, organizational alignment, strategic partnering and clear communication of policies and procedures


Processes – integration of people, systems and data to support efficient, compliant and routine delivery of business activities.  Systems enable the execution of business activities in organized scalable processes that support planned growth.


Reporting –reliable and accurate internal and external reporting of results to support timely business decisions, overall financial management and enhance investor confidence



Benefits realized from our services include:

Improved organization structure and resource utilization

Improved leverage of technology

Reduced manual efforts and increased paperless processing

Updated programs, handbooks and policy documentation

Enhanced reporting within core systems

Compliance risk management awareness and preventative processes

Assistance with due diligence and data integration

Surveys allow you to cost effectively gather information and assess improvements:


Internal Audit Surveys

 Fraud assessments

 Corporate governance awareness and effectiveness

 Audit services satisfaction evaluation

 Risk assessments

 Policy and procedure compliance



 HR practices

 IT costs, solutions and staffing

 Shared services KPIs and practices

 Cost analysis

Employee Feedback Surveys

 Assessment of career opportunity & satisfaction

 Compensation and Benefit program effectiveness

 Company program awareness / interest

 Upward feedback program



 Sales experience

 Overall product or service satisfaction

 Branding / market awareness



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